Meet The Designer: Jennifer Welker

My name is Jennifer Welker and I am the designer behind Golden Thread. Jewelry wasn’t always my career though. Before starting Golden Thread in 2010, I worked with critically ill children as a Neonatal ICU nurse at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. 

For many years, I struggled to watch families lose a child day after day. The emotional demands as a NICU nurse took a toll on my heart, and in my grieving and distress, I would turn to a light-hearted and life-giving hobby to lull those hurting places. That was jewelry for me: an escape, an outlet, and a distraction. It was on the floor of mine and Ellis’s first home that Golden Thread was born. I could have never dreamed where this business would take me.

As parents to four small children, my husband, Ellis, and I have made a conscious effort to emphasize the importance of hard work and giving back. Our kids have had their fair share of office visits and trips to shelters to serve our community. It is important to us to show our precious kiddos what it looks like to chase after your dreams, work hard for what you love, to be courageous, to love others deeply, to take chances and to fulfill our Higher calling and purpose in our work!

In this position of leadership, it is important to me to cultivate the heart of the business by keeping our eye on the Greater purpose – selling gorgeous jewelry is the added bonus!

Have a blessed day!