Golden Thread Ear Piercing Appointment

Duration: 15 Minutes
Ear Piercing: Single Lobe Piercing
Age: Adult

Calling all "GOOD AS GOLD" Golden Girls to join us for the fabulous, celebratory and professional piercing event you've been looking for! Book now and get your ears pierced at Golden Thread!

Now offering two piercing options:

Ear Piercing with Gun, done by our designer, and resident RN BSN, former ICU Nurse, Jennifer Welker. Ages 4 and up

Manual Ear Piercing without Gun, done by, Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. Claire. Ages 4 months and up

If you would like to be pierced with an Ear Piercing Gun, please be sure to book with Jennifer Welker. 

If you would like to be pierced without a gun (manual ear piercing), please book with Dr. Claire. 

Our All-Encompassing Ear Piercings Packages come with the following:

-Piercing studs of your choice (all piercing studs are surgical grade steel, sterile, nickel free, and hypoallergenic)

-Another pair of stud earrings (of your choice) to look forward to wearing after the 6 week's healing period! Our gift to you!

-Ear Care Antiseptic Solution and Aftercare Care Instructions

-Golden Thread Ear Piercing Certificate

-Photo ops!

At this time, we are piercing lobes only and are able to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th piercings on your lobes! Cartilage and helix piercings coming soon!

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. 

Minors will need a parent present to sign consent and to witness the procedure. 

Get to know your Piercer:

Meet Jennifer Welker- Designer and Founder of Golden Thread and resident RN BSN, former ICU Nurse, Jennifer has a passion for helping others create lasting memories through jewelry. With a gentle touch, Jennifer uses an ear piercing gun to create beautiful piercings that her clients will cherish for a lifetime.

Jennifer thrives on being part of your special day and is dedicated to making every piercing experience fun and enjoyable. From picking your piercing stud to the moment the piercing is complete, Jennifer’s clients can count on a quick and easy process with a friendly environment to make the experience one to remember.

With her expertise and genuine love for the craft, you can trust her to create a piercing that suits you perfectly and that will bring you joy for years to come.

Fun fact— Jenn pierced her daughter’s ears for the very first time and was honored to share a special mom and daughter moment with her little one!


Meet Dr. Claire- A board certified pediatrician who has been practicing since 2015. She is a native Houstonian and local Memorial mom. With over eight years experience, she is bringing her manual, medical grade piercing technique to Golden Thread. Having little girls of her own, she knows the challenges of finding the perfect place for this memorable event.

We are now able to combine the safe technique of a pediatric office with the fun, relaxed environment of Golden Thread. Dr. Claire places pediatric sized, locking back earrings without a piercing gun (manual ear piercing). Dr. Claire could not be more excited to help make memories with your littles (and happy to pierce their mama right alongside them!)

Fun fact- her daughter got her first set the same time Dr. Claire got her second!

Golden Thread is honored to be a part of this monumental "golden" moment in your lives! Thank you for choosing Golden Thread! We can't wait to see you become a GOLD-metal-ist! 

Contact us with any questions or special requests you may have at!



Duration: 15 Minutes
Ear Piercing: Single Lobe Piercing
Age: Adult