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The KEY to Freedom

The KEY to Freedom

I am OVERJOYED to present to you our latest Gospel-focused project — and I just can’t wait to share with you the story and the heartbeat behind this treasured piece!

It is with great anticipation and expectation, that I introduce to you our Freedom Key Necklace!
I love how Jesus works, y’all! My friend, Emily Mock, had a vivid vision of seeing Jesus in front of her church wearing a key necklace. He picked up the key and put it into someone's heart. As He turned the key, their grave clothes fell to the ground instantly. Jesus went around to each person in the church, one by one, and unlocked their hearts. They began to shine bright with new life.

I wept as she shared her story, yall! Jesus immediately pressed upon my spirit the revelation that He is the KEY to freedom! He unlocks our hearts, and then gives us the same key to wear to go unlock the hearts of others.

Emily came to me with this idea of creating the same key necklace she saw in her vision of Jesus and I couldn’t start the sketches fast enough! YES, I thought! What a necessary and visual tool to encourage and bring so much hope to each and every one of us! Personal-Testimony-Jesus-Reminders — we must remember what we possess AND of where the Lord has rescued us from!

Weaving beauty with Truth is both my greatest passion and joyful purpose — to use creativity, testimony and timeless jewelry to bring Jesus and the great hope of the Gospel to a lost and hurting world.

Our mission here at GT:

“Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the wondrous works He does!” (Psalm 96:3)

Ok, here’s the good stuff — the breakdown of the meaningful details and the significance of each portion of the design:

Royal Crown: The crown represents King Jesus, the King of Kings.

Key: The key represents the opening into newness of life. Those who have authority carry keys.

Cross: The cross at the bottom of the key represents the first access point Jesus has into the human heart. The Gospel message is the cross. There is a cross-shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fill.

We, as Believers, hold the answer to the freedom our world is so desperately searching for. This necklace is to be worn as a physical reminder of the freedom we have in Jesus and the answer of hope we carry out into the world!

"My beloved reached into me to unlock my heart. The core of my very being trembled at His touch. How my soul melted when He spoke to me!" (Song of Songs 5:4)
"God considers all of humanity to be prisoners of their unbelief, so that He can unlock our hearts and show His tender mercies to all who come to Him.” (Romans 11: 32)

Thrilled to finally be launching this beautiful piece! This necklace would make a perfect gift — for yourself or others — a wonderful conversation-starter and a tangible reminder of His Gospel — Jesus came to rescue and recover sinners — He came to “set the captives free”! (Isaiah 61:1) Praying you wear our Freedom Key and share this life-changing GOOD news with those around you — for we are not without hope!

All glory to our Blessed Redeemer and Chain-Breaker,


The Freedom Key Necklace starts at just $48! Our Key comes on a 30-inch chain and comes complete with 5 custom-made watercolor calligraphy scripture cards. Be sure to check out our fine Freedom Key Necklace also. 

A portion of proceeds for The Freedom Key goes to the 501c3 nonprofit organization, For the One International.  After a mission trip to the villages of Panama and seeing children in poverty, Garrett and Emily Mock decided to meet the immediate need there and begin two feeding centers for malnourished children. Now, hundreds of children are fed one meal a day. Future plans are more feeding centers, building a home for orphans, and expanding their reach to serve children in other countries. Thank you for partnering with For the One! Visit

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